Every sales process starts with a non-committal, personal meeting. This conversation takes place in the house or apartment subject to the sale. The whole procedure will be talked through step by step, questions are being answered and we will add our professional point of view. After that we will provide you with our sales advise, together with a solid and funded sales price, an overview of our work, some sales tips if needed, and a proposal for our commission.

How we proceed: well prepared, legal and construction knowledge , professional photography, sales suggestions, enthusiastic and solid presentation, prompt viewings, accurate follow ups flexible working hours, transparent negotiations, notarial support, practical settlement.

The purchase process starts in general with a personal meeting too. We are happy to invite you in our office or we can meet elsewhere. Early in the morning, during the weekend, whatever time suites you best. Step by step we go through the whole procedure, questions are being answered and our commission is subject to this meeting.

How we proceed: Active market approach, well established contacts with colleagues in the field (both real estate agents and developers), frequent jointly viewings, knowledge of location, construction and legal investigation, strict negotiations and notarial handling.

Would you rather rent your property out? We would also like to start with a personal meeting at the house or apartment subject to the rental. We talk through the process and have a professional look at the property. We provide you with a rental advice along with the suggested price, an overview of our tasks and our commission.

How we proceed: Well prepared, appealing presentation, flexible calendar, enthusiastic viewings, speed, solid contracts, check-in and check-out support, expert knowledge on applicable legislation.