Bellamystraat 4
1053 BL Amsterdam
Phone: + 31 (0) 20 2148808

Located opposite De Hallen:
De Hallen in the former tram depot in Amsterdam Oud-West are a great success. In the complex you will find – like Spanish tradition- a wide range of busy small restaurants and bars, a cinema, a library, various studios and shops including traditional work places. We are located right across the terrace of the Halls

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, from 8.30am till 06.00pm
Evening hours and Saturdays, on request but certainly possible.

Parking near the office:
You will find a car park underneat De Hallen. The entrance is on Bellamysplein on the left hand side of Hotel de Hallen. Underneath Hotel.

Public transport:
Both tram 3 and tram 17 from Amsterdam Central Station & Amsterdam Amstel station have a stop nearby the office.